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Ayurvedic Medicine - Dandelion

Ayurvedic Medicine - Dandelion

Ayurvedic Name: Kaanphool

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale

English: Dandelion

Physical Properties: 

Dandelion is an enduring herb which is broadly utilized as a top notch plate of mixed greens vegetable.

Dandelion is local to Europe. It is an exceptionally normal plant and develops wild all over.

Healthfully, you will be amazed to realize that it contains as much Iron as Spinach and 4 times more vitamin A than Lettuce.

Ayurvedic benefits:

1)In Bone Disorders:The juice got from the leaves and stem of Dandelion is blended with juices of the leaves of carrots and turnips for curing bone issue.

2) Dandelion Coffee: Dandelion Coffee is produced using its dried, simmered or roasted and ground roots. It's a characteristic and natural refreshment with no destructive impacts of normal coffee.

3) In Liver and Gall Bladder Disorders:General utilization of Dandelion advantages our Liver and Gall Bladder which are basic organs for taking care of fats inside the body and for detoxification.

4) A Hepatitis patient can extraordinarily profit by drinking Dandelion Tea, which is a blend made of boiling dandelion roots.

5)In Urinary Disorders: Dandelion expands the amount and stream of Urine and cures whatever other urinary tract issue.

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