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Ayurvedic Medicine - Rhubarb

Ayurvedic Medicine - Rhubarb

Ayurvedic Name: Revand chini 

Botanical Name: Rheum emodi

English : Rhubarb

Physical Properties: 

Rhubarb is a tall perpetual herb with a hefty stem and substantial radical clears out. Its underground stem, which produces roots and leaf shoots is utilized for therapeutic purposes. 


It is local to south eastern Russia, yet was acquainted with the western world decently as of late (around the sixteenth century it came to Britain). 

Ayurvedic Benefits: 

1) In Diarrhea: Rhubarb has an astringent activity; because of this property it is extremely advantageous for curing Diarrhea which is created by any bothering object in the digestive tract. 

2) In Poison Ivy Itch: Rub crude Rhubarb over the fix of skin where you are feeling the tingle brought about by toxin ivy. It is an incredible home cure. 

3) In Piles: In the case of affliction from heaps, make rhubarb a customary element of your suppers. 

4) In Asthma: Rhubarb is likewise observed to be extremely valuable for patients with Asthma, when devoured routinely as a piece of your suppers. (Through pies and sauces) 

5) Disturbed personality:Devouring Rhubarb is observed to be extremely valuable in quieting down an unsettled personality. It has an alleviating impact when expended.

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